Steven Grousnick

usa United States
Middle distance
Niles, IL
Milwaukee School of Engineering
800m PB
1500m PB
Season: 2016

Collegiate career

Steven Grousnick earned all-conference honors four times in the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference (Division III).

How he came to Austin TC: Steven Grousnick

At the Houston Invitational in 2016, club manager George Perry saw an athlete wearing a jersey that simply read “MSOE.” He made a mental note to look up what this unwieldy acronym stood for when he returned to Austin. A few hours later he stopped for dinner on the way home, and opened an e-mail from Steven Grousnick, who introduced himself as a graduate of Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Grousnick’s e-mail was the most thorough and comprehensive introduction-application in club history. This feat was all the more impressive given that he sent it from his mobile before leaving the University of Houston campus.

He sought to build his advantage off of his fast start in accurately predicting and answering all the requisite questions. He insisted on the earliest possible in-person meeting (Monday evening). Once there, he pressed further by asking to start training the following morning.

Given that it was the middle of indoor season, the club countered his characteristic impatience by deferring his full entrance to training until the post-indoor break.

Outside, beyond and after track

Grousnick currently works at Oracle, and lives with an Italian greyhound named Iggy and a cat named Nutmeg.

All Competitions

Season400's800's1500'sPersonal bestsWins1500m SB800m SB
2016 Outdoor-32204:03.771:56.31


Season400's800's1500'sPersonal bestsWins1500m SB800m SB
2016 Outdoor-21204:03.771:56.31