Kenyon Butler

usa United States
Kirkland, WA
800m PB
Season: 2016

How he came to Austin TC: Kenyon Butler

Kenyon Butler ran his first 800 meters in April of his senior year in high school. Four races and less than two months later, he clocked a 1:52 800m to place 2nd in the Washington state high school championships.

Kenyon Butler entered the College of San Mateo in September 2014. Despite having been a sprinter until his quintet of 800’s, Butler found himself logging miles with the cross-country team throughout the fall. This had the predictable, inevitable outcomes.

He left College of San Mateo and began exploring other options for his athletics career. He became very interested in the different clubs and coaches in the Atlanta, GA, area. His parents encouraged him to look for a club that would not involve him driving the length and width of the United States. Austin seemed promising, as it involved merely the length and half the width of the country.

Kenyon’s first conversation with the club ended with the standard, “Think over what we talked about, please reach out at any time with any questions or concerns. Stay in touch and let us know what you’re thinking!”

Two weeks later Kenyon called to say that he and his friend were leaving Washington the next day, and would be in Austin by the end of the week. That weekend, Kenyon came to his first practice with the club.

Outside, beyond and after track

Non-dogmatic vegan that he is (e.g., post-race tamales are often in order), Kenyon works at a natural-food grocery store. He hopes to get into electronic music production, well, at some point.

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Season400's800's1500'sPersonal bestsWins1500m SB800m SB


Season400's800's1500'sPersonal bestsWins1500m SB800m SB